[S9] Sequel N9ne

2010-09-28 02:56:43 by DjDema

Bump on the head.

Oh yeah, sup.

So, I just hopped back on the computer which I will be for the next day or two to make a couple more songs entitled Sequel N9ne. Don't ask me why, it just sounded cool xD



2010-06-02 16:39:49 by DjDema

Albums done! :) Now I'm just making hip hop beats cuz they randomly got fun to make lol

Numero 7!

2010-03-20 16:21:30 by DjDema

Alright, so I've got a shit ton of songs on NG already so now it's time to leave them alone for awhile. Next, I'm working on number 7/20. This bad boy will be the first to really have effects unlike the other songs. I haven't really grasped too much on effects and remixing and such so I still have to get those specifics sorted out. I've got sampling, mixing and editing down fine. Moving on! See you in about a week :P

My Plans on NewGrounds?

2010-03-17 02:27:20 by DjDema

I figured someone would eventually ask me this question. My plans with NG is to definitely keep the community updated with my progress on my techno. I'm doing a little "marathon" of learning FL Studio by creating 20 tracks - each experimenting with the program and trying to get more and more familiar with what I'm doing. These 20 tracks will be uploaded onto NG over time as I get them done and, right now, I'm at number 6. So, these next few days will be consistent track submissions. I'm interested to see the reactions.

My thing with music is that I need to like my music first before I throw them out. At the same time, however, I'm highly concerned about what people will think because that's obviously what I'm aiming for. My main goal is to try and get a different feel with electronic music and you'll be seeing more of that experimentation as I upload the tracks. I'm hoping that what I'm doing will be 100% or at least 90% entertaining haha.

But the comments so far have been thumbs up which I'm really happy about. I figure as long as my songs aren't dropping below a 3 I know people are moving to 'em so that's what I'll be smiling about on the other side of the computer screen. Thanks!

Song Adjustments

2010-03-16 01:20:04 by DjDema

Oo! It's cool to know my songs are up and I've got ratings but I haven't been on NG for like... 2 weeks almost? And now that they're finally up I've already remastered the songs and the first one I posted was really wack with all the new stuff I'm working on so I'm tearing them down. The Constricted Symphony song is remastered, extended and is now titled Bad Humor. Enjoy! Thanks for ratings guys that's sick that I've got listeners :)

Production Series

2010-03-01 22:44:35 by DjDema

Hey guys,

For anyone who's decided to check out this page, thanks for checking me out! I'm a new producer in the field here. I've been doing a lot with music since I was 15 and playing the guitar like no body's business but I've fallen in love with producing techno and spinning on tables as well. I recognized the ambition after I went to a rave in my distant and drug-full past, and now I'm pursuing all that is music!

So, anyways, on to why I'm posting. I'm a new guy right? Yeah, I'm going to post all me "new guy" stuff on here till I start getting to an admirable spot in my producing skills (:D) when this happens, I'll be taking my work to the parties (:D)

So, I need you're help. I appreciate any comments you can give on my music, etc. Thank you for checking me out! If my songs haven't uploaded yet (I've uploaded two), hopefully they get approved in synch cuz I'm hoping to present my songs in order I produced them. If not, know that Session is my first track and Constricted Symphony is my second. Peace for now!

- Dj Dema